Came home a few hours ago from the hospital. Had to bring my sister there because she was having an allergy attack & the hives on her body were getting out of control. Anyway, she didn’t get any better so there goes her P2500. It’s so disappointing because we’re pretty familiar with that hospital. We didn’t know any doctors there personally since the last time any of my family members got hospitalized there was when I was still in high school & I’m 39 years old now. When my mom was still alive, we used to bring her there often because of asthma attacks. I don’t remember exactly when we stopped going to that hospital & started going to this other one which was much closer to where we lived.

About a month ago, I had to be brought to the ER because of acid reflux. We went to the hospital which was closer to where we lived & the treatment was so bad that i had to leave in a huff. I was so riled up that I thought the pain I was feeling had gone. Turns out it hadn’t. So I had to go back out but just didn’t want to go back to the same hospital. I remembered about the other hospital, went there & “rediscovered” it. The treatment was an improvement but not much better.

So earlier when my sister was trying to recuperate in one of the hospital beds in the ER & I was trying to get some sleep, a mother carrying her daughter burst in & shouted in a panicked voice, “My daughter is having a seizure!” And nobody moved, they just looked. The mother had to repeat herself & this time the interns “skipped” into action. I don’t want to say jumped because they didn’t. I don’t know if it was sleep deprivation or they were all in a trance but everyone moved in slow motion. I wasn’t a doctor but it made me want to jump. The panick in the mother’s voice seemed like an electric shock that was forcing me to move.

At that moment, I felt angry. Angry because first of all, we arrived at the ER at around 3:30am & there were 2 interns slumped on the table & another one on a chair, asleep. I understand they were probably tired but c’mon! Do you have to do it there where you’re the very first people that the patient (who’s feeling horrible most likely) is going to see? The intern who accommodated us didn’t even bother to wake the others up. Neither did the resident doctor. Is this how hospitals operate now? No more respect for the profession, no more honor? Yes there weren’t many patients at the time & they’re probably really tired but don’t hospitals have sleeping quarters anymore? Do you have to do that in front of patients? Both my parents were doctors & I doubt if they ever did that during their time.

Next was the drinking water. After they checked my sister & made a diagnosis, they gave her a tablet that they wanted her to take right away. One of the interns handed it her & when my sister asked if they had water, the intern looked at me as if I could magically produce water out of my ass. If it weren’t so infuriating, it’d be comical. I just looked back at her & mentally told her ” I am not Jesus.” She got the hint & fetched the cup of water herself. I mean if you’re going to ask the patient to drink medicine, at least have the common sense to think that they’d need water to be able to pull that off.

Third. The doctors weren’t able to make my sister feel better. If anything, the medicine they gave her even brought out more hives. They put heplock in one of the veins in my sister’s hand & it bled. As far as I know, it wasn’t supposed to do that. Also, i felt that the resident doctor could have been more articulate. Yes, I know she’s a doctor & not an English teacher but if you can’t speak English properly then just speak in the vernacular. We’re all Filipinos after all.

My sister just asked to be discharged since she felt that being there wasn’t doing her any good. In fact she felt so uncomfortable, she wanted to leave right away.

It’s really frustrating to get treatment at hospitals these days. What’s really sad is that you get substandard care & service & you even have to pay a ridiculous amount for it too. Wow.

Kids Are More Resilient Than We Think

Last night, as my daughter and I were studying for a quiz today, I saw that she accidentally brought her classmate’s book home.  I asked her if the owner of the book was her friend and she said no.  I asked why and she said “because she doesn’t like me”.  I was a bit surprised because ever since she started school, she’s been telling me about the friends she’s made and she’s made a lot.  It was the first time I heard that someone didn’t like my daughter.  I asked her “How did you know?”  and she said, “because she told me.”  That caught me off guard.  So i asked her a series of questions like “How did that make you feel?” “Are you okay?” “What did you do when she said that to you?”  “What did you say to her?”  and all this time my daughter was acting like everything was hunky dory and it just didn’t bother her at all.  I think it bothered me more than it did her and she’s only 4 years old.  She told me she didn’t say or do anything and that she’s okay with it because she has lots of friends who like her and that I and her Dada like her very much and that’s okay.  I guess I shouldn’t be worried either because the last time I talked to my daughter’s teacher, she said that Una’s very friendly.  I just didn’t really think that anybody would not like my daughter.  I mean, how could anyone not like that face?  Of course you can’t please everybody and it’s amazing that my kid understands this better than I do.  Kids are awesome!









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